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PT Slabs & Vaults

Our Post Tension Slab experts are both Level-1 and Level-2 Certified Post Tension Institute Installers and Inspectors.  We do PT Slabs on-grade as well as suspended.

Foundation Specialists, LLC installed two large suspended PT-Slabs at the Trailhead Condominiums located in Suncadia, WA.  This commercial project consisted of all concrete work on two condominium buildings including footings, foundations, slab-on-grade, concrete walls and suspended PT-slabs.  Completed late 2008 for customer East AHM Development.

Benefits of Certification

Quality of materials and workmanship is critical to the performance of post-tension work.  Individuals who complete this training have a sound working knowledge of post-tension installation and inspection, benefiting  themselves and their employers in many ways.

These benefits include:

  • Trained workers are more efficient.

  • Knowledge of proper procedures and use of equipment leads to reduction in accidents and overall work zone safety.

  • The International Building Code incorporates ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete which requires that post-tension installation be performed by individuals certified by an independent training and certification program; PTI certified field personnel have been shown to meet this requirement.

  • With the rise of construction defect litigation, it is important to minimize mistakes in the field.  A well-trained workforce will result in fewer call-backs and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Better quality of workmanship and cost-effectiveness of contractors results in greater value to the owner in the form of lower costs and improved structure reliability.

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